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Social entrepreneurship

Robotek wants to help contribute with its expertise and technology to develop solutions that can improve the quality of life for individuals. We want to contribute to increased enjoyment of life!


A BIG thank you to Richard and his father Petter Sundnes

Together with Richard and Petter, Robotek has developed and 3DPrinted a unique camera stand for electric wheelchairs.

For Robotek, it is important to be able to contribute with its expertise and technology so that you can develop products that in turn create joy in life. 

Although for many a camera tripod will be something nice to have, for Richard the camera tripod is an aid that allows him to do what he loves, taking pictures. The RICK V1 ensures that the images remain stable when they are taken, and you can use just one hand to take pictures.

As a bonus, Richard can also mount on his smartphone if it becomes relevant, on the RICK V1

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